Basic-Fit Day Pass

NOTE: The Basic-Fit day pass is temporarily not available due to the current corona measures.

Sport for 1 day

Would you like to enjoy the gym for a day, with no further obligation? Or do you want to check out Basic-Fit to see if it’s something for you? You are most welcome!

Basic-Fit day pass

With a day pass you can come and sport at a Basic-Fit fitness club for the day. Which one? Your choice! All you have to do is pick! When you buy a day pass, you have 7 days to use it.

Buy a day pass

At the entrance to every Basic-Fit fitness club, there is a self-service hub, also called a kiosk, where you can buy a day pass, using your debit or credit card. The day Pass of Basic-Fit costs €9.99. You also get a receipt in case you need it for your records.

When do you want to come and kick-start your fitness?