Our story

Our story began long before our first club ever opened. It all started with our CEO René Moos and his distinct dream to make fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere, by delivering low-cost, high-value training.

Today, Basic-Fit is the leading fitness brand in Europe. Powered by our 7000+ employees, we provide millions of people access to a top-notch yet affordable fitness solution in more than 1100 clubs in five different countries and through our omnichannel app. You can find more information about us here.

Obviously, we did not get there overnight, and this is just the beginning. Together we work relentlessly on our ambition to be the number-one fitness brand in the market. We are guided by our values and determined to make fitness accessible to everyone, and a habit people love. We take care of our communities and resources in a sustainable way. Our 'Go for a fitter world program' defines our long-term ambitions for 2030. We want to invite you to grow with us to impact moving people towards a happy and fit life.

Are you interested in joining Basic-Fit? Go for it! You will find more information about the different teams and roles we offer on this page. 

Work at a club Make a local impact

Basic-Fit is here to help our members achieve their goals and love their fitness habits, whether an online group class in the living room or a quick workout in one of our equipped clubs. Are we your perfect fit? Take a look at the different club positions below.

Club Host

As the club host, you are the first point of contact for our members. You actively participate in the development of the members. You welcome everyone with a smile, assist with any questions and create a welcoming environment. 

Team Leader

As a team leader, you are the brand ambassador of Basic-Fit. You champion the recruitment of future members. You oversee sales, quality and service. Your daily activities include supporting the front desk, operational maintenance and creating a welcoming workplace for our members and teams.



Personal Training Grow with us

We offer our members a seamless fitness experience, online and offline. And that is where you come in, we are looking for expert and entrepreneurial head and personal trainers.

Personal Trainer

We are always on the lookout for personal trainers eager to grow. You will join the team of one of our experienced head trainers and share our passion for fitness. You are a motivator, have a knack for people and bring out the best in everyone. Your energy is contagious. First impressions count. 

Are you a certified and independent personal trainer with a minimum of one year of experience to grow with us? Email us your motivation and CV. We will connect you with one of our head trainers to explore opportunities.

Head Trainer

As a head trainer, you will have the opportunity to start your own business in one of our clubs, anywhere in Europe. You oversee your business's operational and executive aspects, such as the communication with the other trainers, admin and recruitment. This is a great way to kickstart your own personal training studio and grow your business.

A big bonus is that you can use all the facilities and fitness solutions Basic-Fit provides, including the latest technology by Technogym and Matrix. You are responsible for attracting new members to your personal training sessions. You ensure that our members love their fitness habits and exceed their development goals with a smile. Interested? Apply through the button below!


Group Classes Bring out the best in each other

At Basic-Fit, you set the rules, and we supply the tools. Our members can choose to follow our group classes at home and in our clubs.

Live presenter

In the majority of our clubs, we offer live group classes. Our members can follow classes by Les Mills, Booty, Xcore, Zumba and Freedom. Our energetic presenters know how to bring the best out of our members and smash the live sessions. Are you the experienced group instructor ready to inspire our members?

Online Presenter

Are you our passionate online presenter ready to shine in front of the camera to take our members to the next level? Can you inspire our members to sparkle and sweat through your energetic group classes online?

Do we hear a YES? Then go for it! Email us your motivation and CV. Grow with us.



Customer Care Because we care

Our customer care department is the heart of our organisation. Got questions? Go for it. We assist our members with all inquiries through our clubs, our app, our website, via email, Facebook and of course, through Ruby, our chatbox star.

We are looking for bright customer care agents. Our expanding and diverse customer care team, located in Hoofddorp, supports our French, Dutch, English, and Spanish members in their own language. Mais oui! As a customer care agent, it is important to have excellent writing and communication skills, solve challenges with a smile, and have an eye for detail.


HQ Impact the future

Basic-Fit is the number-one low-cost, high-value fitness brand. We are committed to making fitness a habit people love and accessible to everyone. We provide millions of people access to first-class yet affordable fitness solutions in over 1000 clubs in five different countries through our omnichannel app. This is just the beginning. We invite you to grow with us.

We welcome you to our dynamic international headquarters in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. Together, we aim to open 200 to 300 new clubs annually, with our goal to open between 3000 and 3500 clubs in Europe by 2030. And… Did you know Basic-Fit has been publicly listed since 10 June 2016?

We are looking for passionate entrepreneurs and enthusiastic spirits for our departments. 


HQ Departments

  • Marketing Living the brand
  • HR Celebrating you
  • Finance We count on you
  • IT Go get IT
  • Data Our possibilities are infinite
  • Property Make every club count
  • Legal Sign, seal, deliver. Go!
  • Facilities Connect with us
  • Innovation Building a new future
  • Advertising We share stories
  • Business Development Grow with us
  • NXT Level Nurture us

Tech We Are Innovators

We believe in a digital world where you have all at your digital fingertips within minutes.

Our digital hub is in the south of the Netherlands. Our team works hard to find, test, optimise and create new digital solutions through data analysis and innovation, such as the dedicated QR code and the Basic-Fit app. Members can enter a club with their dedicated QR code, anywhere in Europe at any time at any of our clubs. The Basic-Fit app is personalised to our members' fitness habits and lifestyles. In this app, members can connect with their personal coach, follow virtual classes, listen to playlists, be inspired by healthy recipes and more.

Your Journey
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Basic-Fit is the largest low-cost and high-value fitness chain in Europe. Our mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone and a habit people love. Together with our employees, we provide the best low-cost, high-value fitness solution in 1000+ clubs in Europe, for more than 2 million members.

The Orange Family is everyone working at Basic-Fit. It is our community. This is an inclusive space where our employees can be themselves, make an impact, grasp opportunities to grow and where they can connect.

Five values guide us: Be, Accessible, Smart, Inclusive, and Committed. View the video on the homepage to see what these values mean to us.

We have different career and growth opportunities. Our hosts can grow to team leaders or cluster managers. There are also many opportunities at our head office, we have an internal career site where our employees can find and apply.

You can apply via our website, click on 'all vacancies' and filter on your interests. You can then fill in the application form and one of our recruiters will contact you.

You can come and work with us from the age of 16 in one of our clubs.

We always try to respond as quickly as possible, but we will let you know within 3 weeks.

We would like to receive your CV and motivation letter. You can upload your CV and motivation letter in both a Word and PDF file type.

When you have submitted the application form, you will receive a notification that your application has been sent. You will not receive a confirmation email from us. To make sure that your application has been submitted correctly, you can create an account with your application. You don't have to log in yet, you can always do this at a later time.

Our recruiters will contact you if there is an update for you. In addition, you can log in (top right) to our vacancy website, here you can see the status of your application. You can also see the appointment here when a job interview is scheduled, or you can find your digital contract if you have been hired.

If you are selected, you will receive a call from us and we will schedule an interview. Usually the process consists of two on-site interviews. If we don't invite you, you will receive an email from us about this.

You can always send your question to the following email address:

Read the vacancy carefully so that you know what is expected of you. You can always follow our social media channels and view our commercial website:

We are an informal company, so come as you wish and wear what you feel comfortable with.

A job interview with us usually lasts about 60 minutes.