At Basic-Fit, we don’t just wait for good things to happen: we go out and get it. Together as one, we work on our mission to make fitness accessible to all and a habit people love.

We are a diverse community and even though we have the strength of a corporate, we move like a scale-up.

So accept our invitation to become part of our Orange Family.

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Our Pillars

Diversity Matters

We celebrate differences and advocate equality from our boardroom to our gyms. We love stories, stories about you, stories about the people that work for us and stories about the diversity within our organisation.

Meet the club recruiters
Berber Bangma

From the first moment I immediately felt connected to Basic-Fit. Basic-Fit is growing very fast, but there is also attention and space for personal development! I really appreciate the feeling that you matter and being yourself

Sandy Balk

I am proud to work for Basic-Fit. Together we create a fit and healthy world for our members and our Orange Family.

Debbie Keune

I feel connected with the orange family, and love that we’re all working towards the same goal!

Meet all employees